Located in the old Pittsboro Post Office, we are the only casual full service seafood restaurant in downtown Pittsboro. We are committed to serving fresh and seasonal fish and shellfish harvested by fisherman from Virginia to the Carolinas. Our food is prepared and presented in an atmosphere where friends feel comfortable and relaxed to either linger over drinks and a dozen oysters at the bar or sit and enjoy a piece of fresh fish cooked on our wood grill.

What Makes Us Different?

We set ourselves apart from all other seafood restaurants with our commitment to personally travel twice weekly to select and procure the very best fish & shellfish from South Atlantic fishermen, who we have cultivated relationships with over the years. We feel, that when it comes to the selection of fish and shellfish, we trust no one else to select these items but ourselves. In this way, we know we are able to deliver the very best to our Friends every night!

Why Pittsboro North Carolina?

Pittsboro has a true small town feel with a charming Main Street which is centered by a recently rebuilt Court House. The shops in the center of town include a bakery, antique stores, ladies boutique dress shops, law firms and a classic Soda Shop.

To those who've helped

Our Suppliers and Purveyors

Friends And Supporters

  • Brendan & Leslie Cox
  • Seth Wood
  • Joan Miller
  • Donna Sprauer
  • Mike Williams
  • Kaltheen Urias
  • Spencer Nelson
  • Dorathea Foote
  • Brian Rudolph
  • JoAnne Palkevick
  • Todd Ervin
  • Dan Cotty
  • Tracey Rudolph
  • Colleen Minton
  • Doug Wakeman
  • Mariah Wheeler
  • Alyssa Byrd
  • Francine & Bill Hartley
  • Rhonda Mathis
  • Vicki & Ovid Culler
  • John Taylor
  • Stacey Sprenz
  • Zach Fox
  • Alison Smith
  • Rivera Family
  • Edwin White
  • MD Noland
  • Becky Billingsley
  • Bud & Shelia Rudesill
  • Amy Ozarek
  • Lynn Zeringue
  • Craig Rudewicz
  • Heather Rainville
  • Julia Katherine Stoy
  • Peter Hewitt
  • Katie Hartley
  • Ann Silverman
  • Jose D. Soto
  • Burney Waring
  • Marilyn & Teddy Koenig
  • Melissa Bornfreund
  • Nina Siegler
  • Freddy Rodriguez
  • Linda Jacobs
  • Jennifer Buckmire
  • Serge Falcoz-Vigne
  • Alfreda Liebermann
  • Robert Palucci
  • Duke Hamilton
  • Stephen White
  • Steve Goodwin & Renee Perry
  • Megan Hardisty
  • Michael Norton
  • Rachel Ruvo
  • Karen Schnall
  • Jon Campbell
  • Catherine C Martin
  • Nick & Kristin del Rosso
  • Heather Johnson
  • Martha J Curie
  • Jim Pellegrini
  • Ann Price

Thanks to everyone who was a part of making our dream come true!